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Welcome To The 100 Club

In order to formalise the fundraising efforts and to ensure the sustainability of the support provided to College by the Old Boys and the parents, the 100Club initiative has been developed. The basic idea of the 100Club is for Old Boys to donate R100 (can be higher if you can afford to pay more) per month, and these funds will be used to provide funding and support to College, the boys and staff, via the Inkazimulo – The Shining Light Trust.


There is only one way Potchefstroom High School for Boys (College) will be able to go from strength to strength and that is with the help of the Old Boys themselves. As a model C public school, College does not receive a significant amount of financial support from Government and certainly not enough to continue to maintain and expand the functions and facilities of the School. Over the years the school has become more reliant on school fees paid by parents and the generosity of parents and Old Boys. Any Old Boy that can afford to give back to the school that gave them so much should read on.

How The Money is UsedAll of the money collected by the 100Club and the Inkazimulo Trust is used for the benefit of College, the boys and the staff. Areas of support specifically covered by the Inkazimulo Trust include:
Welfare and financial assistance of pupils, their parents and the staff;
Healthcare support for pupils and the staff;
Educational and development support via the provision and/or support of further and better educational, academic and recreational facilities;
Financial support to pupils through the provision of facilities
and/or financial support to advance their education;
Sport through the support and development of individuals who show promise and ability; and Funding for the provision of bursaries, maintenance of the
School, financial assistance to pupils on a needs basis.

In order to maximise the use of the funds of the 100Club, administration of the 100Club and the Inkazimulo Trust are undertaken by volunteers.

How To Contribute

Contributions to the 100Club are welcome whenever and however but we do really like monthly contributions as it allows us to forecast our level of funding and we can commit to more meaningful and substantial support for College.

However, we appreciate that this level of commitment may not be possible for all so once-off and annual contributions (of any amount) are also welcome and appreciated.

  • Participation in 100Club is easy as: Stop-order – The easiestway to contribute is to set-up a monthly debit order with your bank for the amount you want to contribute. If you have internet banking this is very simple to do, alternatively if you pop into you local branch they will do it for you in less than 5 minutes. Please make sure you insert your initials and surname as the reference
  • Debit-order – We are in the process of setting up debit order facilities and will communicate the details in due course
  • Pay-Pal – This is an ideal mechanism for payments from overseas. Simplest way to pay via PayPal is to click the “Donate Now” button on the Old Boys website ( Alternatively, you can email we can send you a Pay-Pal invoice; and
  • Once off payments – These can be made directly into the bank account (details below). Please make sure you insert your initials and surname as the reference.

In order to facilitate contributions from Old Boys who reside outside of South Africa as streamlined and cost effective as possible we would recommend they make use of the PayPal facility, which is convenient, cost effective for all parties and safe to use.

Bank account details:

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)

Account name: Inkazimulo—The Shining Light Trust

Branch Code: 254605

Account Number: 62420264161

Reference: First name/surname/PaymentPurpose (100club,

dinner etc)

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Who Can Contribute

Old Boys
Parents of pupils
Companies (see below regarding qualification for B-BBEE
points and tax deductions)
Friends of College

The Inkazimulo trust is registered with and has been granted Tax Exempt Status with the South African Receiver of Revenue. We can on request assist with tax exemption forms.

All contributors to the Inkazimulo Trust fulfil the definition of “Qualifying Socio-Economic Development Contributions” in term of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, and would therefore count 100% towards a contributor’s Generic Scorecard for B-BBEE purposes.

Please contact us directly for more information around the specific characteristics of the Inkazimulo Trust for B-BBEE purposes.

A simply donation of R100 a month
can make a difference to the school