Founders Hockey Festival
1st April to 4th April 2017

The Natie Kirsh Sports Complex is making a wonderful new prestige statement of Sports Facilities now available to College. The Heritage Cricket Festival last year in September was well attended with 18 schools Participating. All were very impressed with the New Ackermann. Matthew Francis College Old Boy 1990 was present as still the proud record holder of the highest cricket score in the history of College. Dick Daly a veteran supporter of College was presented with a new Cricket Cap. In the first half of this year it is the Hockey Players who will be highlighting their sport with the Founders Hockey Festival. Hockey is fast becoming a favorite sport at College.

All the hosting will be done at College with its wonderful new Sports Complex and Buxton having complete makeover all under the watchful eye of Alex Piava Sports Director. Alex is a wonderful leader and example of sheer determination overcoming all and every difficulty. Please read his message below a request for support for this Prestigious initiative. It is also fitting that the Sports Complex, features and honor’s Natie Kirsh our main benefactor and Old Boy 1945-1949. Hugo Ackermann Headmaster 1975 -1988 and Alex Paiva with the Mac Farlane Pavilion now also the Alex Paiva Health and Fitness Centre. All being a great source of pride! To Pupils Staff and old Boys.

The final exterior upgrade needed is brick paving from the Catering section in front to the Visitors Change Room at the back at a cost of approximate R 45 000 any assistance with this would mean a great deal to Alex.
By the time of the festival a new road will be graded and finished with asphalt from the road in front of the Boarding Houses and round the back of the Natie Kirsh Sports Complex by the school.

A complete transformation with the Thor Gevers A Rugby field, now under irrigation and looking magnificent. We have a professional Photographer taking photographs which will appear soon in our first Newsletter of the year.

Justorum Semita Lux Splendens