Since 2011 the following Projects have been undertaken and have been successfully concluded or are making progress.

Staff Garden and Furniture. A well-used and favorite place for the staff during breaks or free periods

Health and Fitness Centre developed in the Old Mac Farlane Pavilion and today known as the Alex Piava Health and Fitness Centre. This Centre was achieved after years of fruitless attempts to obtain funds from the Department of Education for a Gym.

The Natie Kirsh Complex 20416/2017 comprising The New Ackermann. Two squash courts with new toilet and showering facilities 2016.

In the old Squash court 3. A catering facility and change room for visiting teams 2017.

In 2016 Classroom No 10 was refurbished. As a model for other Classrooms. It was soon clear that this was not just a “paint job” but one of restoration. As the old cupboards and the unused hot water heating system were removed from the walls. The plaster just cracked and in many areas, just fell off. Looking at the bare bricks one realised that they had last been seen in 1905 by the builders at the time. All the walls had to be re-plastered. Two new special cupboards had to be built and supplied to meet new Educational Department needs. New desks and table for the teacher.

A very necessary rewiring of the Classrooms had to be done to meet today’s digital needs and a necessary safety measure. All repainting colours were as recommended by an Occupational Therapist. When classroom No 10 was finished. One on one interviews were held with each teacher in their class. This has resulted in any specific requirements for their class were noted or items not needed were noted and each class now has a specific “Bill of Materials” costing.

A 100 Club requiring debit order control is now carried out at the school by Esme Combrink the school bursar. (More details on this will be found in Projects 100 Club)

All accounting and management of Inkazimulo the Shining Light Trust is carried out at the Old Boys Office.

A new data – base programme has been loaded and Old Boys are asked to supply any changed detail for upgrading. The website programme is also new and is being updated and more active than in the past. The Facebook page will also be updated regularly.