The Role the Old Boys Society plays
in the Potchefstroom High School for Boys

Since 1911 when the Potchefstroom Old Boys Society was established at a meeting in Granton House, chaired by Charles Hope. The Old Boys and the School have shown a mutual interest in each other. To the extent that for many old Boys their pride in the School and those who were at School with them have become lifetime friendships.

Over the years the Old boys Society has been prominent in supporting projects that the school had a need for. Since 1994 however the Education departments support for Model C Schools has steadily declined. To the extent that today they only support a certain number of Staff and limited supplies of stationery and a few other needs.

This has resulted on a decline in maintenance of school facilities and nothing for new projects. Recognising that this was a fact of life and a new reality in the life of the school, the Old Boys realised that while they needed to keep the Society and the Comradery of school by Old Boys alive.

They also accepted a new role of providing finance for maintenance of College facilities and support for Staff and Pupils. As is happing at all the Old Prestigious Model C Schools. The old schools now have a South African Schools’ Alumni Association who meet once a year to share problems and ideas.

It was apparent that this new funding support would require business like responsibilities. The following was then sent to Old Boys



Today the Trustees for Inkazimulo – The shining Light Trust are:

Geoff Peck (M) 1972

Johann van Vuuren Headmaster Potchefstroom High School for Boys

Wally Hopton (M) 1945


Since 1911 the following Projects have been undertaken and have been successfully concluded or are making good progress.

  • Staff Garden and Furniture
  • Health and Fitness Centre developed in the old Mac Farlane Pavilion and today known as the Alex Paiva Health and Fitness Centre. This Centre was achieved after years of fruitless attempts to obtain funds from the Department of Education for a Gym.
  • The Natie Kirsh Sports Complex 2016/2017 comprising The New Ackermann 2016/2017.  Squash Courts with new Toilet and showering facilities 2016.
  • In the old Squash court 3. A catering facility and change room for visiting teams 2017. Alex Paiva Health and Fitness Centre 2016. For more details, find in the Projects section.